Nova Scotia Tidal Energy Procurement

Power Advisory LLC (Power Advisory) has been appointed as the Procurement Administrator for the procurement of marine renewable-energy in the province.

NS Tidal Energy Procurement

The province is seeking an in-stream tidal energy project to be located in the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE).  The province will consider projects:

  • With nameplate capacity of no more than four megawatts
  • Project locations are to be restricted to Berth D within the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) marine renewable-electricity area
  • Have an energy rate not in excess of $530/MWh

Objective of Tidal Procurement

The procurement objectives are to achieve the best value for Nova Scotia ratepayers and to support the potential to advance the marine renewable energy sector.  Project development is contingent upon retrieval and disposal of the OpenHydro turbine located at Berth D within the FORCE Marine Renewable-electricity Area.

Expression of Interest

Entities interested in participating in the procurement or stakeholder engagement are requested to submit an “Expression of Interest” by Nov 30, 2019.  Please go to the Expression of Interest page »


The Procurement Administrator can be contacted at: